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Global Warming Revealed



Global Warming: Real or Manufactured?

As many others, I have listened for decades to various 'experts' decrying various practices and warning of pending doom unless things changed immediately. Some have even stated that the given situation was beyond repair and we may only hope to lessen the damage and resulting 'price' to be paid.

New Finding Released in Article..... The Ice Is Back!!

And check this one out: California Weather Exposes Fiction of Global Warming

In the 70's, the so-called experts warned of a new Ice Age and made grave statements of what the world would be like...well, today.

Here are some links that discuss this line of thinking that many wish we would just forget about:

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The above articles will give an idea of the type of mindset that was prevalent during that time. Personally, I remember it well -- stories of impending doom, warnings to immediately work to repair the hole in the ozone. The latter was also accompanied by the fact that there was no known way to repair said hole. We were even shown satellite images that displayed the hole in the ozone. Now how long this had existed or whether it was supposed to be there, these are irrelevant and troublesome facts that should not be mentioned. Later, we were informed of the pending deluge of acid rain. In the end, the government threw $5B at a $1M problem. Typical of governmental reaction to an issue. Well, after a while there was no Ice Age, weather patterns shifted and this line of thought was basically dropped. Please note that this would have been the time that the supporters of the Ice Age theories would like for us to begin forgetting the whole argument.


Next, let's look at the history of Global Warming.

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The Politics of Global Warming

Like many things, they become distorted and even polluted once politics is introduced to the equation. Although the political arena is part and parcel of public discussion, opinion, legislation, and action; the simple mechanics of a subject are more often than not clouded by partisan concerns, instead of being clearly brought forward and discussed in intelligent fashion. This is particularly sad when matters of science are involved. A seemingly simple fact is that no matter how much you discuss a matter, spin the facts, or manipulate popular opinion, this does not change the facts.

Or.....perhaps we should listen to musicians to guide us in our thoughts on scientific, economic, societal, and political issues. One must know that next to the actor turned sociopolitical commentator, that they are the most qualified to share with us accepted and correct thought. My....can you just smell the sarcasm?

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